We have hosted over 300 youth and college teams exclusively in Costa Rica since 1995.

“Such a fun experience to help grow as an individual as well as a team player. Makes you realize how much bigger the world is than just where you’re from.”

Issy Cleary, Player
University of Dubuque

A Great Learning Experience

“I didn’t expect Costa Rica to be this diverse, to have this many different things to offer. So, it’s been a great learning experience from that standpoint.”

David McFatrich, Head Coach
Fatchmo Volley Arkansas

A Good Test

“It’s been a good test for all the girls. As a group, they have not played a lot, so coming here has given them the opportunity. Costa Rica Tours has taken care of us, have done everything us, and have been tremendous.”

Steve Hornor, Athletic Trainer
University of Central Arkansas